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ICT Core Content Tools and PSI Full Version
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ICT Core Content Tools

  • Central Bank Dealing Range (CBDR)
  • Asian Range
  • Profiles and Standard Deviation targets on the CBDR, Asian Range, and FLOUT
  • Seek & Destroy Profile with Standard Deviation targets
  • IPDA 20, 40, and 60
  • Monthly Swing Grades
  • NY Midnight Line, GMT0 Midnight Line, London Target Lines
  • Monthly Range High, Monthly Range Low
  • Swing Grade Zones (First, Middle, Third)
  • NY 10:00 A.M. Line, NYSE Lunch, NYSE P.M. Session

PSI Full Version

  • Includes all tools from the PSI Indicator
  • Predefined and customizable PDAs
  • Overlays for daily focus studies such as "The PSI Day on Focus" and "True Day"
  • Time Distortions, Monday to Wednesday trio, 12AM to 12PM
  • NY Open Sweet Spot, London Close Sweet Spot, Bond Market Sweet Spot
  • US Market Sweet Spot, The Last Hour, NYSE A.M. Session, NYSE Lunch, NYSE P.M. Session

Features of ICT Core Content Tools

  • Comprehensive price action study tools
  • Central Bank Dealing Range (CBDR) and Asian Range analysis
  • FLOUT profiles and standard deviation targets
  • Monthly Swing Grades for long-term analysis
  • NY Midnight Line and other key time markers

Advantages of PSI Full Version

  • Combines all previous tools from the Position Smart Indicator
  • Extensive overlays for session and daily focus studies
  • Customizable PDAs for personalized trading strategies
  • Integration of ICT free tools from the 2022 Mentorship

Use Cases

  • Traders seeking detailed price action analysis
  • Those who follow ICT Mentorship Core Content
  • Traders needing comprehensive session overlays
  • Users looking for customizable trading tools


  • ICT Core Content Tools and PSI Full Version offer a robust set of features for detailed market analysis and trading
  • Ideal for traders looking to integrate ICT concepts into their strategies
  • Provides extensive customization options to suit individual trading styles