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Order Management
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Order Management

Key Features of Order Management

  • Trade Execution: One-click trade entries with predefined entry and stop loss prices.
  • Flexible Trade Management: Set partial take profit levels, trailing stops, and break-even points.
  • Adaptive Risk Management: Adjust risk parameters based on balance and drawdown strategies.
  • Trading Insights: Detailed statistics and performance metrics.
  • User Interface: Intuitive GUI with tooltips and easy saving/loading of settings.
  • Position Customization: Adjust positions directly from the chart.
  • On-Chart Buttons: Quick controls for closing positions and cancelling orders.
  • Advanced Spread Handling: Trade at candle prices or factor in spread fluctuations.
  • Invisible Trades: Hide orders from brokers to avoid stop loss hunting.
  • Stop Loss Protection: Fixed stop loss sizes with minimum and maximum limits.
  • Trade Limits: Maximum lot size cap and equity stop level.
  • Broker Limit Bypass: Bypass broker's maximum lot size limit.
  • Hotkeys: Quick actions for setting positions to break-even, cancelling orders, and more.
  • Trade Notifications: Sound alerts for entry, stop loss, take profit, and missed orders.
  • Local Trade Copier: Synchronize trades across multiple installations with customizable risk settings.

Trade Execution

  • Enter trades easily with one-click by defining entry and stop loss prices on the chart.
  • Automatically calculate lot sizes based on your risk settings.
  • Handle multiple positions simultaneously.

Flexible Trade Management

  • Set flexible partial take profit levels with specific risk-to-reward (RR) ratios.
  • Employ trailing by RR stop losses for advanced trade management.
  • Automatically move to break-even or use MA-based close for dynamic trailing stop losses.

Adaptive Risk Management

  • Seamlessly adjust risk parameters using the Adaptive Risk Management Formula Language.
  • Tailored for both balance and drawdown-based strategies.

Trading Insights

  • Dive into detailed statistics, from basic account info to performance metrics and trading details.

User Interface

  • A user-friendly GUI with in-built tooltips for added guidance.
  • Easy saving/loading of settings.

Position Customization

  • Adjust and customize all positions directly from the chart by dragging the lines.

On-Chart Buttons

  • Quick controls for partial/full closing of positions and cancelling pending orders.

Advanced Spread Handling

  • Trade at candle prices with the 'Ignore Spread' mode.
  • Factor in a specific amount of spread to protect against fluctuations with the 'Spread Factor' mode.

Invisible Trades

  • Hide all orders, including market orders, entry, and stop losses, from your broker with the 'Spread Ignore' and 'Spread Ignore: Invisible' modes.

Stop Loss Protection

  • Use a fixed stop loss size for enhanced risk management.
  • Establish minimum and maximum stop loss size limits to ensure your stop loss never goes below or exceeds certain thresholds (ATR or Pips/Points).

Trade Limits

  • Maximum lot size cap and equity stop level.

Broker Limit Bypass

  • Bypass the broker's maximum lot size limit.


  • Implement quick actions such as setting positions to break-even, cancelling orders, switching order types, or closing all open positions.

Trade Notifications

  • Receive sound alerts for entry, stop loss, take profit, and when stop pending orders are missed due to price reversals.

Local Trade Copier

  • Synchronize trades across multiple installations with customizable risk settings on each slave.


  • Works with custom symbol charts (seconds chart), forex, metals, crypto, and indices.
  • Tested on Windows only (non-ARM version).


  • Order management is crucial for successful trading, offering features that cater to every level of experience.
  • Invest in tools that simplify complex functions and amplify your trading capabilities.