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Supertrend by KivancOzbilgic
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Overview of Supertrend by KivancOzbilgic

The Supertrend indicator, developed by KivancOzbilgic, is a popular tool in the world of Forex trading. This indicator is designed to identify the direction of the trend and provide clear signals for potential entry and exit points. It is a trend-following indicator that leverages the Average True Range (ATR) to determine its calculations.

Key Features

  • Uses ATR for volatility measurement
  • Provides clear visual signals for trend direction
  • Non-repainting, ensuring historical signals remain unchanged
  • Customizable parameters for different trading styles

How It Works

The Supertrend indicator calculates its values based on the ATR and a multiplier. The ATR measures market volatility, and the multiplier determines the distance of the indicator line from the price. The indicator line is plotted above or below the price, depending on the trend direction.
  • When the indicator line is below the price, it indicates a bullish trend.
  • When the indicator line is above the price, it indicates a bearish trend.
  • Trend reversals are signaled when the indicator line changes its position relative to the price.

Customization Options

Traders can customize the Supertrend indicator to suit their trading preferences. Some of the customizable parameters include:
  • ATR period: Adjusts the period for ATR calculation.
  • Multiplier: Sets the distance of the indicator line from the price.
  • Color settings: Allows traders to choose colors for bullish and bearish trends.

Usage Tips

To effectively use the Supertrend indicator, traders should consider the following tips:
  • Combine with other technical analysis tools for confirmation of signals.
  • Use in conjunction with support and resistance levels to identify potential entry and exit points.
  • Adjust the ATR period and multiplier to match the volatility of the market being traded.

Examples of Supertrend Variants

Several variants of the Supertrend indicator are available, each offering unique features and enhancements. For example:
  • Supertrend etradro: This variant integrates ATR and standard deviation options, providing alerts on trend changes.
  • Volume SuperTrend AI: Combines traditional Supertrend calculation with AI techniques, offering more precise trend predictions.
  • SuperTrend V: Uses a combination of price action and volatility to determine trend direction and generate trading signals.

User Reviews

Traders have generally provided positive feedback on the Supertrend indicator, praising its simplicity and effectiveness in identifying trends. Some common points of appreciation include:
  • Clear visual representation of trends
  • Reliable signals for entry and exit points
  • Ease of customization to fit different trading strategies
However, some users have noted that the indicator may produce false signals in highly volatile markets, emphasizing the importance of using it in conjunction with other analysis tools.


The Supertrend indicator by KivancOzbilgic is a powerful tool for trend identification and trading signal generation. Its reliance on ATR for volatility measurement and customizable parameters make it a versatile choice for traders. By combining it with other technical analysis tools and strategies, traders can enhance their decision-making process and improve their overall trading performance. 🚀📈