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Tabajara V5
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Overview of Tabajara V5

Tabajara V5 is a technical analysis indicator designed for MetaTrader 5, inspired by the methodology of the Brazilian trader André Machado. It is a versatile tool that helps traders identify market trends and potential entry and exit points by using a combination of moving averages and candle color coding.

Key Features

  • 8-period Moving Average
  • 20-period Moving Average
  • 50-period Moving Average
  • 200-period Moving Average
  • Colored candles based on the 20-period Moving Average
  • Color Coding System

    The Tabajara V5 indicator uses a unique color coding system to represent different market conditions:
  • Green: Price rising in an upward trend (Look for buy opportunities)
  • Black: Price correcting in a bullish trend (Look for buy opportunities)
  • Red: Price falling in a downtrend (Look for sell opportunities)
  • White: Price correcting in a downtrend (Look for sell opportunities)
  • Customizable Settings

    Tabajara V5 offers several customizable settings to tailor the indicator to your trading style:
  • Adjustable periods for all Moving Averages
  • Customizable colors, widths, and styles for Moving Averages
  • Customizable candle colors
  • Recommendations for Use

    Before applying the Tabajara V5 indicator, it is recommended to prepare your chart layout with a base color for your candles. Only the candles affected by the indicator's rules will change colors, while the rest will retain the colors set by the chart's properties.

    User Feedback

    Tabajara V5 has received positive feedback from users, with many praising its effectiveness in identifying market trends and providing clear entry and exit signals. One user mentioned, "I haven't traded with Tabajara V5 yet. I am following how it works on different timeframes. It seems to me one of the best indicators I have used to date. Thanks." Another user highlighted its reliability, stating, "This indicator has become better after the revision, it’s great."


    Tabajara V5 is a powerful and customizable indicator that can enhance your trading strategy by providing clear visual cues for market trends and potential trade opportunities. Its unique color coding system and adjustable settings make it a valuable tool for both novice and experienced traders. 🚀📈