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Overview of Univers

Univers is a sophisticated trading robot designed for the MetaTrader 4 platform. It integrates multiple indicators to enhance trading strategies, making it a versatile tool for traders.

Key Features

  • Works with multiple indicators: MACD, CCI, WPR, AO, Stochastic, Momentum, DeMarker.
  • Customizable settings to choose the indicator for trading.
  • Operates primarily on the H1 timeframe but can be used on lower timeframes for increased trade frequency.
  • Recommended for trading pairs like EURUSD, GBPCAD, EURCAD, and other flat pairs.


  • Most trades are closed within an hour, reducing emotional stress.
  • High Profit Factor of 4.13 and Recovery Factor of 15.77 based on real trading data.
  • Average profitability of about 5% per month with a maximum drawdown of 24%.

Risk Management

  • Allows setting final risks, marginal risk by equity, or closing deals by limiting the maximum duration of the deal.
  • Features to limit the maximum number of orders for averaging and equity risk.
  • Customizable lot size increase factor during averaging to control risk.

Recommendations for Use

  • Minimum deposit of $100 on a cent account or $2500 on a regular account.
  • Trading lot of 0.01 for every 2000 units of the deposit.
  • Recommended leverage of 1:500 and above.


  • Uses averaging with a multiplier lot, which requires understanding before use.
  • Not a "Holy Grail" in the market; has its own weaknesses.
  • Ultimate risk is always on the user; it's better to take a loss sometimes and continue trading.


Univers is a powerful tool for traders looking to leverage multiple indicators and sophisticated risk management strategies. While it offers significant advantages, it also requires a good understanding of its functionalities and inherent risks. Happy trading! 🚀📈