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Introduction to UPD1

The UPD1 series of indicators is a collection of advanced tools designed for the MetaTrader platforms (MT4 and MT5). These indicators are built to enhance trading strategies by providing in-depth market analysis, identifying key price levels, and generating real-time alerts. Each UPD1 indicator serves a unique purpose, making them versatile tools for traders of all levels. Let's delve into the specifics of some popular UPD1 indicators.

UPD1 Semaphore 123 Dashboard

The UPD1 Semaphore 123 Dashboard is an indicator designed to identify the 123 reversal pattern from extremum points. This pattern is a powerful tool for traders looking for potential trend reversals.
  • Builds a three-period semaphore and reversal pattern 123 from the extremum.
  • Uses a multi-currency dashboard to track which currency pairs the 123 pattern was found on and how many bars have followed it.
  • Icons are colored according to Fibonacci levels, with yellow icons indicating a level test where the signal is amplified.
  • Input parameters include Bars Count, Tooltip, Show Semaphore, Show 123, and various visual settings.
  • Alerts can be set for various conditions, enhancing the trader's ability to respond to market changes swiftly.

UPD1 Volume Pixel

The UPD1 Volume Pixel is an indicator that focuses on volume analysis, crucial for understanding market movements and potential reversals.
  • Displays horizontal volume profile and maximum volume (POC).
  • Features adaptive grid spacing, automatic chameleon color for box lines, and multiple boxes for easy creation and deletion.
  • Includes settings for alert notifications via pop-up, push, email, and sound.
  • Allows customization of visual settings such as cluster width, cluster color, and line styles.
  • Provides detailed volume analysis with settings for vertical and horizontal histograms, volume areas, and VWAP lines.

UPD1 Engulfing Dashboard

The UPD1 Engulfing Dashboard is designed to identify the Engulfing candlestick pattern, a popular price action pattern used by traders to predict market reversals.
  • Displays Engulfing patterns with options to filter by trend (using moving averages) and by reversal (using RSI and Bollinger Bands).
  • Features a multi-currency dashboard for easy monitoring of multiple charts.
  • Input parameters include Bars Count, Calc Mode, and various filters for trend and reversal.
  • Visual settings allow customization of signal display, including arrow size, color, and style.
  • Alert settings provide notifications for new signals, helping traders stay updated on potential trading opportunities.

UPD1 Volume Cluster

The UPD1 Volume Cluster indicator identifies zones of reduced volatility and builds maximum horizontal volume based on historical data, aiding in the detection of strong trend movements.
  • Uses the UPD1 Trend Direction Indicator and the UPD1 Volume Box Indicator to identify key zones.
  • Alerts can be set for various conditions, such as the start and end of a flat, and when the price touches the cluster line.
  • Input parameters include Bars Count, Timeframe Flat, Data Source, Vertical Step, and various visual settings.
  • Visual settings allow customization of cluster width, cluster color, line styles, and alert settings.
  • Smart alerts provide real-time notifications, enhancing the trader's ability to act on market changes.

UPD1 Murrey Math Combo Levels

The UPD1 Murrey Math Combo Levels indicator is based on the Murrey Math trading system, which uses mathematical levels to predict market movements.
  • Calculates levels based on historical data and displays them on the chart.
  • Provides trading recommendations, emphasizing the use of additional technical analysis for higher accuracy.
  • Input parameters include Period, Length, and various visual settings for line styles, colors, and alert settings.
  • Alerts can be set for level touches, recalculations, and signal levels, providing comprehensive notifications for traders.
  • Smart alert settings allow customization of alert types, sensitivity, and repeat signals.


The UPD1 series of indicators offers a robust set of tools for traders looking to enhance their market analysis and trading strategies. With features like multi-currency dashboards, real-time alerts, and advanced volume analysis, these indicators cater to various trading needs. Whether you are a novice or an experienced trader, the UPD1 indicators can significantly improve your trading decisions and outcomes. ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿ“ˆ