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License agreement

Welcome to ForexRobotEasy!

Before you start using our services, including the provision of trading signals and forecasts for cryptocurrencies, stocks and forex, as well as our developed forex trading systems available for testing and purchase, we urge you to read the terms of our License Agreement carefully. Agreeing to these terms is a prerequisite for activation and subsequent use of our products and services.

1.General Provisions.
1.1 Subject of the agreement: This agreement grants you a non-exclusive and non-transferable license to use the ForexRobotEasy services and software provided to you, including all updates, enhancements and modifications.
1.2 Restriction on use: You may not sell, rent, lease, transfer to third parties or modify the software without the written permission of ForexRobotEasy.

2. Rights and obligations of the parties.
2.1 User Rights: Use trading systems and signals in accordance with this agreement. Receive regular updates and technical support in accordance with the selected tariff plan.
2.2 User’s obligations: Not to use the services for illegal activities. Observe the terms and restrictions of this agreement.

3. Restrictions.
3.1 You may not use ForexRobotEasy services for any illegal purposes or actions that violate the rights and freedoms of others.
3.2 The use of the services for commercial purposes without special permission is prohibited.

  4. Copyrights.
All rights to software, signals and trading systems provided by ForexRobotEasy are protected by copyright laws and international treaties. You confirm that you will not infringe these rights.

  5. Liability.
5.1 ForexRobotEasy is not responsible for direct or indirect losses resulting from the use or inability to use the services.
5.2. We do not guarantee that the services will meet your requirements or will be available without interruption, in a timely and error-free manner.

  6. License Termination.
ForexRobotEasy may terminate your access to the services without notice if you fail to comply with the terms of this agreement.

  7. Other terms and conditions.
Any disputes related to this agreement will be resolved in accordance with the laws of the place of registration of ForexRobotEasy.By agreeing to this License Agreement, you accept all its terms and conditions and undertake to comply with them.

For all questions and details of this license agreement, you can always contact our ForexRobotEasy support team: @forexroboteasybot