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Insight Profit from Forex Price Action Continuation Retests with Strategies”.
by FXRobot Easy
1 years ago

Forex traders can increase their success by focusing on price action continuation retests. Understanding how to identify support and resistance levels and taking strategic actions to profit from these fluctuations is essential to successful trading. In this article, we will explore how traders can use price action continuation retests to generate consistent profits.

1. Maximize Your Profitability: Utilize Forex Price Action Continuation Retests

Strategy One: Reversal Retest

  • Watch for a breakout of a tight range of prices.
  • When price moves beyond the high or low of the range, wait for it to approach previous resistance and pivot points.
  • Enter a forex position when price retests the breakout point and it will often reverse in the direction opposite the breakout.
  • Place a stop loss order just before the entry point.
  • Realize partial profits or let it ride with trailing stop losses.

Strategy Two: Momentum Retest

  • Utilize daily charts to identify the overall trend.
  • Draw a horizontal channel line that connects a series of higher lows and higher highs or lower highs and lower lows.
  • Wait for price to hit the end of the chosen channel, in either direction.
  • Enter a trade when the currency pair retests the bottom of the channel.
  • Set a stop loss order and recognize partial gains as the price moves back inside the channel.
  • Continue to monitor the trade for any changes.

Strategy Three: Breakout Retest

  • Identify a medium- to long-term trend.
  • Watch for price to move beyond a resistance or support area, on the given trend.
  • Be patient and wait for price to move back to the breakout level it previously tested.
  • Enter a forex trade when price reverses at the retest level.
  • Place a stop loss order just before entering the position, or a trailing stop loss.
  • Monitor the position and readjust the stop loss as it moves toward your desired profit.

These strategies involve a moderate risk and should be conducted within the rules of responsible money management. By waiting for an opportunity to profit from continuation retests, forex traders can boost their profits and hedge against risk.

2. Uncover Powerful Strategies for Implementing Forex Continuation Retests

When it comes to profitable forex trading, understanding price action is key. Price action is the movement of the market based on supply and demand and it is the basis of all technical analysis. One of the most reliable and profitable price action strategies for forex trading is continuation retests. So, what are continuation retests?

Continuation retests occur when a pair moves in one direction, pulls back, and then moves in the original direction again. This basic pattern implies that there is a very strong trend in the market and traders who enter at the pullback can often capture strong gains while taking minimal risk. Here are some tips to help you make the best use of continuation retests when trading forex:

  • Look for clear chart patterns: The pullback should be clearly defined and the candle formations should be visible on the chart. Never enter a trade based on a series of “wicks” or shadows alone.
  • Balance reward to risk: Never risk more than you can gain with a trade. This means that your target should be at least two times larger than your stop loss or risk of the trade.
  • Understand your risk: Continuation retests usually provide very low risk entry points. Calculate your risk carefully and make sure that the reward justifies it.
  • Stay knowledgeable: Do your research before entering into a trade, pay attention to economic releases and fundamental news, and be aware of any shifts in the markets.

Following these tips can help traders capitalize on and profit from price action continuation retests. With enough practice and close attention to the market, traders can use this strategy to improve their winning percentage and consistency.

3. Exploit Forex Continuation Retests for Maximum Reward and Low Risk

Price action continuations often offer traders lucrative trading opportunities, and one of the best ways to capitalize on them is by using retesting strategies. Retesting strategies are designed to take advantage of price action’s tendency to move in predictable patterns and pullback to key levels after it has made a move. By identifying the significant levels and using a trading strategy that focuses on re-testing them, traders can better capitalize on price action continuations.

Here’s how it works. After a market has made a significant move, it tends to pullback and retest the levels from which the move originated. If a trader is able to identify the level that the market is retesting and analyze the change in momentum and strength of the move, they are able to enter the market at an optimal entry point. In order to properly utilize retesting strategies, traders need to familiarize themselves with technical analysis, Fibonacci retracement levels, and key support/resistance levels.

To truly benefit from retesting strategies, traders must also be aware of market sentiment towards a certain currency pair and take that into account when placing trades. By combining technical analysis, knowledge of market sentiment, and making sure to only enter trades at levels that offer a minimum 1:1 risk to reward ratio, traders can effectively use retesting strategies to capitalize on difficult market conditions.

The various Retest Support and Resistance strategies are designed to take advantage of a particular set of conditions that occur after a significant price move. In general, if the market retests the level and does not break it, the move is likely to continue in the same direction as the previous move. By entering at the retested support/resistance level, traders are able to capitalize on the continuation of the move. Here are some strategies that are designed to take advantage of this phenomenon:

  • Long Maxima & Close of Day: This strategy involves finding the maximum in the market, and only entering a buy order if the market is able to close above it.
  • Short Maxima & Close of Day: This strategy is the exact opposite of the Long Maxima & Close of Day strategy. The trader is only looking to enter short positions on the close of the day below the maximum level.
  • Pullback & Retest of Range High: This strategy involves analysing the market for a pullback from a range high. If the market pulls back and is unable to break through the level, the trader can set a buystop above that level with a tight stoploss.
  • Pullback & Retest of Range Low: This strategy works in the same way as the Pullback & Retest of Range High strategy, except the trader is looking to enter a sellstop below the range low.

By combining technical analysis and capitalizing on the pullback and retest of key levels, traders can capitalize on price action continuations and profit from retesting strategies. However, traders must be aware of the risks involved and only enter trades at levels that offer a minimum 1:1 risk to reward ratio.


Q: What is Forex Price Action Continuation Retests?

A: Forex Price Action Continuation Retests is a strategy for traders looking to benefit from short-term movements in the Forex markets. It is a type of technical analysis in which traders look for levels of support or resistance to be revisited, which can then be used as potential entry or exit points for trades.

Q: What methods do traders use to find continuation retests?

A: Traders use both trend lines and candlestick patterns to identify potential continuation retests. A trend line is a line drawn connecting prior highs or lows to help traders spot a potential continuation move. Candlestick patterns like bearish engulfing, hammer and piercing line can indicate potential reversals to the upside or downside and could provide a good entry or exit point.

Q: Can price action continuation retests be used in all types of trading?

A: Yes, price action continuation retests can be used in any type of market, whether it be forex, stocks or commodities. It is an advanced strategy and takes some practice, but can be highly beneficial for traders looking to trade on shorter-term movements.

It is clear that the process of taking profit from Forex price action can be a very lucrative endeavor if done with the right strategies in place. With the right approach, the retest of price action can provide successful traders with ample opportunities to maximize their profits. Forex traders should use the strategies outlined in this article to increase their chances of success in the Forex market.

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