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Insight Successful Forex Trading Strategies for Handling News Breakouts and Retests
by FXRobot Easy
1 years ago


Currency trading is a complex venture that requires a deep understanding of the changing economic climate and global markets. Those who want to be successful in the Forex market must know how to handle news breakouts and retests. In this article, we provide traders with successful strategies on how to navigate the often volatile nature of trading news. With simple yet effective techniques, traders can gain an edge in the market and achieve the desired returns they strive for.

1. Harnessing the Power of News Breakouts and Retests for Successful Forex Trading

For the experienced Forex trader, news breakouts and retests are an important part of daily trading. Knowing when to enter a trade in response to a news release, and when to take profits, is key to a successful trading strategy. Here are some successful Forex trading strategies for handling news breakouts and retests:

  • Breakouts: Use technical analysis and indicators to identify when a news release is likely to create an upward breakout in the currency pair. Prior to a news release, set limit orders just above the current price. Once the news is announced and the price moves, adjust your limit orders and set take profit orders.
  • Retracement Strategies: Once a news-induced move has occurred, determine whether the price action is likely to retest or “retrace” a previous level of support and resistance. This is especially true for major news releases such as unemployment announcements or Federal Reserve statements. Use support and resistance lines to aid in entering and exiting a trade.

It’s important to recognize the difference between a news breakout and a simple trend break. News breakouts tend to have much more conviction and are thus more likely to trigger profitable moves. When executing any of these strategies, use the principles of risk management to make sure your losses do not exceed your trading capital.

2. An Overview of Effective Strategies for News Breakout and Retest Trading

Breakouts and retests are two of the most common Forex trading strategies. Breakouts occur when prices rise to a new level, after a period of ranging or consolidating activity. Although breakout strategies are often high risk, they can be extremely profitable when properly implemented. On the other hand, retests occur when prices dip back to an area of support or resistance after a breakout. This can create a profitable trading opportunity, as long as traders can identify the level of risk versus potential reward.

  • Breakout Strategies
    To successfully trade a breakout, you must identify the area of resistance or support. If the price breaks above this level, you should enter a long position. Alternatively, you should enter a short position when the price breaks below the support level. Stop-loss orders should be placed just below (in the case of a long entry) or above (in the case of a short entry) the support or resistance level in order to limit your risk.
  • Retest Strategies
    In order to successfully implement a retest strategy, you must first identify where the price may bounce or dip. This could be a point of support or resistance, a moving average crossover, or a trendline. When the price meets the level of support or resistance, you should enter the trade. Depending on the individual trader’s risk tolerance, tight stop losses may be left in place, or trailing stops may be used to limit losses as the position moves in your favor.

By combining breakouts and retests, traders can minimize their risks and maximize their potential profits. As with any trading strategy, the key to success is to identify the risk versus reward of each situation before entering the trade. With the proper planning and discipline, traders can be successful when trading news breakouts and retests in the Forex markets.

3. Realizing Success Through Proactive Trade Execution Tactics

When trading the foreign exchange (forex) market, it’s important to know how to handle news breakouts and retests. To be successful, you must have a strategy in place to capitalize on short-term price movements. Here are a few successful forex trading strategies for handling news breakouts and retests:

  • The Turtle Strategy. This involves entering the market with a tight stop loss just after news has been released. This strategy works best when the stop loss is set at a point that is slightly above or below the news breakouts. The Turtle strategy takes advantage of the strong price movements that are typically seen immediately after news releases.
  • The Retracement. This strategy involves waiting for the price to retrace after the news breakout. It is important to remember that the price may not always retrace. However, when the price does retrace, traders can capitalize by entering on the retest and creating a tight stop loss and a moderate take profit order.
  • The News Filter. This strategy involves taking a position only after the market has filtered out the news. This requires traders to wait for the news to be discounted and for the market to return to a more familiar trading environment. This strategy requires patience but it can be effective when done correctly.

When trading forex, it’s important to have a strategy in place to capitalize on news breakouts and retests. By following these successful trading strategies, traders will have the best chance of profitably handling news events in the forex market.


Q: What are the most successful forex trading strategies for handling news breakouts and retests?

A: There are several effective forex trading strategies for handling news breakouts and retests. One of the most successful is to wait for the market to show a clear trend and then to commit to a position. This is especially useful during high-impact news releases, where prices can be extremely volatile. Additionally, traders should look to identify strong support and resistance levels and be quick to act when their presence is confirmed. Additionally, position traders can look to use longer-term strategies, such as hedging, to minimize risk while still trading in the moment.

By implementing these successful Forex trading strategies, you can readily take advantage of news breakouts and retests to increase your chances of success in trading. The key is paying close attention to important news releases, and understanding how the market will react. With these successful strategies and the right mindset, you’ll be well on your path to achieving your trading goals.

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