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The Blind Broker MT5, an innovative Forex Trading Software, has been designed with the singular purpose of concealing your trading strategies from your broker. It ensures that your broker remains oblivious to your stop loss levels, take profit levels, and trade volumes. It’s a nifty tool for stealthy trading.

Trading with Blind Broker MT5

The Blind Broker System® operates as an alternate method for order management. It functions in a manner similar to the system within the Meta Trader Terminal, with one key distinction – all orders submitted through the Blind Broker System® are stored in the software’s memory rather than the broker’s server. The broker only receives market order requests as they occur.

One may liken the system to a clone of oneself, trading at the screen. In this setup, no one can predict your moves, as you make your trading decisions and execute them. The system operates exactly as you would if you were trading manually.

Operational Prerequisites

For the Blind Broker System® to function correctly, an uninterrupted power supply is crucial. It is recommended to use a Virtual Private Server (VPS) to avoid any disruptions. If the power supply is cut, the operating system or Meta Trader Terminal shuts down, all data stored in the robot’s memory will be lost.

This design ensures that the robot does not reactivate after a period of inactivity and start trading based on outdated orders. Therefore, it’s crucial to prevent your computer’s operating system from sleeping during the robot’s operation.

Interface and Features

Blind Broker System® offers an intuitive interface where you can select all types of orders. Post order submission, the entry level, stop loss, and take profit will be displayed on the chart. It is possible to modify orders either through the modify module located on the right side of the panel or by clicking on a chosen level with a mouse and dragging it to the desired location.

The Blind Broker System® also features an original type of trading called NET. This trading technique creates a set of stop and limit orders at a desired distance from each other. NET as a trading technique is flexible and can be used as a way of entering a position gradually or simply as a type of a “random price trading”.

NET Trading

NET trading can be launched at the market price or may have an activation level (like pending orders). Stop loss for all NET positions may be applied individually to each of them or all of NET positions may have the same, general stop loss as a price level.

NET trading also includes a feature called “Net Breakeven with profit”. This allows the robot to set a stop loss at a certain percentage of the distance between NET orders if a NET order has enough profit. An option to use an invisible and completely smooth trailing stop (without any step) for NET orders is also available.

Trading with Caution

This robotic trading system is not a mere plaything. It is recommended to practice on a demo account to fully understand its operations before using it in the real market. If you are new to trading robots or are unsure about parameters such as the magic number, it is advisable to seek clarification before proceeding.

The robot does not guarantee levels of transactions because it sends market orders to your broker. The accuracy of transaction prices will depend on several factors including market liquidity, instrument’s volatility, speed of your internet connection, ping, etc.

Independent Testing and Feedback

Users can watch independent testing of the Blind Broker MT5 on the website. Subscriptions for updates on the testing results of this product are also available. We encourage readers to share their experiences of using this product. Please note that this is an independent product review and is written in the third person.


What is the Blind Broker MT5?

The Blind Broker MT5 is a Forex Trading Software designed to hide your trading strategies from your broker.

What does the Blind Broker System® do?

The Blind Broker System® manages your trading orders and stores them in its memory rather than the broker’s server. Your broker only receives market order requests as they occur.

What is NET trading?

NET trading is a flexible trading technique offered by Blind Broker System® which involves creating a set of stop and limit orders at a desired distance from each other.

Where can I watch independent testing

Blind Broker MT5 Review: Stealthy Forex Trading Software

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