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Update: 7 Feb 2024
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The Forex market has always been a fertile ground for the implementation of innovative trading strategies. One such innovation is the Bonnitta EA MT5. This Forex software, developed with a unique trading algorithm, has been making waves in the Forex trading community. It’s based on a Pending Position strategy, combined with a secretive custom indicator, Support & Resistance levels (Price Action), and a highly advanced trading algorithm.

Algorithmic Trading with Bonnitta EA MT5

Bonnitta EA MT5 employs a complex, secretive trading algorithm that sets it apart from other Forex software. This algorithm, when combined with the software’s custom indicators and Price Action strategy, allows for a level of market analysis that is both comprehensive and precise. This advanced trading algorithm has been rigorously tested over a period of 66 weeks with real money, demonstrating its reliability and effectiveness.

Stress Testing and Market Conditions

The Bonnitta EA MT5 has undergone extensive stress testing under conditions that closely simulate real market conditions. This includes tests with slippage and commission approximate to actual market conditions, using real ticks with 99.9% quality over a period of 22 years. This rigorous testing process ensures that the software can handle a variety of market conditions and deliver consistent results.

Performance and Results

In terms of performance, Bonnitta EA MT5 has shown impressive results. With an initial deposit of $1000, it earned more than $3,800,000 on EURUSD H1 from January 01, 2020, to May 31, 2021. This represents a net income of $3,801,900.00. This performance data can be verified by downloading the demo version and testing it on a computer. Please note that cellphone testing is not supported.

Anti-Piracy Measures

The developers of Bonnitta EA MT5 have implemented a stringent anti-piracy algorithm to prevent unauthorized use of the software. This algorithm can detect fake versions and will disable all activations if piracy is detected. This measure is designed to protect the integrity of the software and ensure that only authorized users can access its features.

Updates and Improvement

Recently, Bonnitta EA MT5 has undergone a major update to accommodate current market conditions. This update introduced a Conservative Mode that opens fewer, but higher quality positions. Other additions include a Custom Comment feature and a Trading Days Option. Users are advised to save their set files before updating to preserve their modifications.


Can I test the Bonnitta EA MT5 before purchasing?
Yes, a free demo is available for download. However, testing can only be done using a computer and not a cellphone.

What is the recommended deposit for using Bonnitta EA MT5?
The recommended deposit is $1000 USD for trading with 0.01 – 5 Pairs or 2 Pairs at the same time.

Can I use Bonnitta EA MT5 for multiple currency trading?
Yes, Bonnitta EA MT5 supports MultiCurrency in OneChart Option.

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Bonnitta EA MT5 Review: Unveiling its Advanced Trading Algorithm

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Kyle Lee

1 review

3 months ago

Unbiased Review: Bonnitta EA MT5 - Top Forex Trading Software

The software's efficiency is truly remarkable. It's been only a month since I started using it, and it has already paid for itself. This is a testament to its effectiveness and reliability. The software's ability to predict market trends and make profitable trades is simply impressive.What I appreciate the most about Bonnitta EA MT5 is its smart functionality. It's not just about making trades; it's about making smart trades. The software's advanced algorithm analyses the market trends, predicts the profitable trades, and executes them at the right time. This has significantly improved my trading strategy and increased my profits.Moreover, the customer service provided by the seller is commendable. They've been very responsive and helpful, ensuring that I have a smooth and productive experience with the software. They've been there to guide me through the setup process and answer any queries I have. Their dedication to customer satisfaction is truly praiseworthy.In conclusion, Bonnitta EA MT5 has been a valuable addition to my trading toolkit. Its smart features, consistent performance, and excellent customer service have made my forex trading experience much more profitable and enjoyable. I would highly recommend this software to anyone looking to improve their trading strategy and increase their profits. Kudos to the seller for creating such a fantastic product!