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Antares mt5
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Overview of Antares MT5

Antares MT5 is a sophisticated trading robot designed for the MetaTrader 5 platform. This expert advisor (EA) leverages advanced technologies and classic indicators to deliver precise market entries and exits. It is known for its high win rate and robust recovery functions after losses.

Key Features

  • Utilizes classic indicators such as CCI, BB, and MA
  • Employs a hard stop loss for each trade
  • Includes a recovery function to bounce back after losses
  • Configured for long-term market operation
  • Works with a series of orders
  • Trading Strategy

    Antares MT5 uses a combination of classic indicators and trading filters to identify optimal trading opportunities. It is designed to work with GBPUSD and EURCHF currency pairs, focusing on the M15 timeframe. The EA is optimized for ECN, Raw, and Razor account types.

    Risk Management

    Antares MT5 offers various risk management settings to suit different trading styles:
  • Low risk: Minimum deposit of $500
  • Medium risk: Minimum deposit of $400
  • High risk: Minimum deposit of $300
  • Very high risk: Minimum deposit of $200
  • Installation and Configuration

    To get started with Antares MT5, users must download specific set files according to their broker's GMT offset. The EA does not work with default settings and requires proper configuration to function optimally.

    Performance and Reliability

    Antares MT5 has been designed for long-term use in the market, ensuring consistent performance. The EA's ability to recover from losses and its use of hard stop losses make it a reliable choice for traders seeking stability and profitability.

    Community and Support

    Antares MT5 users can join a private group for additional support and insights. The EA is priced at $2500, with an 85% discount currently available. Users are encouraged to contact the developer for assistance with settings and configurations.


    Antares MT5 stands out as a robust and reliable trading robot for the MetaTrader 5 platform. Its advanced features, combined with a strong focus on risk management and recovery, make it a valuable tool for traders aiming for long-term success. 🌟📈