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AW Trend Predictor
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Overview of AW Trend Predictor

The AW Trend Predictor is a sophisticated trading tool designed to enhance your trading strategy by predicting market trends and providing clear entry and exit signals. It integrates multiple features and settings to ensure that traders can adapt to various market conditions and trading styles.

Key Features

  • Utilizes both fixed and dynamic StopLoss calculated by the indicator based on current volatility.
  • Includes functionality for time-based work and averaging.
  • Works on all types of trading instruments and timeframes, with a recommendation to use timeframes not lower than M15.
  • Allows multi-timeframe filtering to enhance signal accuracy.
  • Offers a success rate setting for opening orders, ensuring that only high-probability trades are executed.

Input Settings

  • Success Rate: Defines the success rate for opening an order.
  • First Order on New Signal Only: Option to open new orders only when a new signal from the indicator arrives.
  • Order Lots: Sets the volume of the order to open.
  • Enable Autolot Calculation: Automatically calculates the lot size based on the deposit.
  • TakeProfit Mode: Multiple strategies for taking profit, including closing positions at TP1, TP2, or using points.
  • StopLoss Mode: Multiple strategies for setting StopLoss, including exiting on opposite signals or using points.

Trend Predictor Settings

  • Period: The period of the indicator; a longer period results in less sensitivity to indicator signals.
  • TakeProfit Target: Multiplier for TP1 and TP2.


  • Provides a fixed or dynamic StopLoss based on current market volatility.
  • Can limit slippage and maximum spread, making it suitable for various trading conditions.
  • Tracks positions opened manually, offering flexibility for different trading styles.
  • Filters trends by higher timeframes or indicators with longer periods, enhancing signal reliability.
  • Optional averaging to manage positions more effectively.

Trading Strategy

  • Opening a Position: A buy signal is received with a success rating of more than 70%.
  • Determining StopLoss: Set StopLoss based on the opposite signal.
  • Defining TakeProfit Strategy: Choose from closing the entire position at TP1, splitting the position between TP1 and TP2, or closing on a trend reversal.


  • Best used on timeframes not lower than M15 to ensure signal accuracy.
  • Combining the AW Trend Predictor with other indicators can enhance its effectiveness.
  • Regularly update settings based on market conditions to maintain optimal performance.

User Reviews

  • Users appreciate the dynamic StopLoss feature, which adapts to market volatility.
  • Many find the multi-timeframe filtering particularly useful for confirming trends.
  • Some users have noted that the success rate setting helps in maintaining a disciplined trading approach.


The AW Trend Predictor is a versatile and powerful tool for traders looking to enhance their trading strategies with reliable trend predictions and customizable settings. Its ability to adapt to various market conditions and instruments makes it a valuable addition to any trader's toolkit. 🚀📈