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EA Falcon
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Overview of EA Falcon

EA Falcon is a versatile Expert Advisor designed for MetaTrader 4, providing a robust trading solution for various market conditions. It integrates multiple strategies and features to enhance trading efficiency and safety.

Key Strategies

  • Asymmetric Fractal: Utilizes a custom indicator to identify potential market reversals.
  • Linear Regression: Another custom indicator that ensures trades are made in the direction of the main trend.

Essential Features

  • News Filter: Allows users to avoid trading during high-impact news events by specifying time frames before and after news releases. This feature can be toggled on or off.
  • Grid Trading: Opens orders in a grid pattern when a candle closes on the selected timeframe, helping to manage sudden market movements. This feature can also be enabled or disabled.
  • Spread Control: Monitors the spread by ticks when opening both the initial position and subsequent grid positions.
  • Stop Loss Equity: Lets users set a drawdown level as a percentage, at which point the EA will close all positions to prevent further losses. This feature is optional.

Supported Instruments

EA Falcon is compatible with a wide range of trading instruments, including:
  • Metals: XAUUSD (Gold)
  • Indices: DE40, USTECH, US500

Trading Modes

EA Falcon offers flexible settings that can be adjusted for different trading styles:
  • Conservative: Lower risk, steady returns.
  • Optimal: Balanced risk and reward.
  • Aggressive: Higher risk, potentially higher returns.

User Experience

Users can download settings from the product discussion or request custom settings tailored to their trading preferences. For individual consultations, the author can be contacted directly.

Performance and Safety

EA Falcon is designed to trade safely and reasonably, with features that mitigate risks and enhance profitability. Its versatile nature makes it an excellent tool for portfolio diversification.

Customer Support

For any additional questions or setup assistance, users are encouraged to contact the author via Telegram after purchase. This ensures personalized support and optimal configuration of the EA.

Final Thoughts

EA Falcon stands out as a comprehensive trading solution, offering a blend of advanced strategies and customizable features. Whether you're a conservative trader or an aggressive risk-taker, EA Falcon has something to offer. 🚀📈