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Forex Tools
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Forex Tools

Trading Indicators

  • SMCpro VIP: Integrates the Smart Money Concept, offering tools like Order Block, Fair Value Gap, and Liquidity Lines. Features include a Currency Strength Index and Elliott Wave Oscillator.
  • Forex Sniper Entries Indicator: Provides entry signals with non-repainting arrows and works across all timeframes and markets.
  • Inversion Fair Value Gaps: Alerts for bearish and bullish signals based on price movements in inversion zones.
  • XQ Forex Indicator: Combines three indicators to display medium and long-term trends, filtering out false signals.

Expert Advisors (EAs)

  • Golden Opulence AI: Targets gold pairs with automated trading, dynamic grids, and martingale strategies.
  • Simple Sterling: Uses a custom trend indicator and momentum indicator to trade GBP pairs with a minimalist approach.
  • Trend Matrix EA: A trend-following EA with comprehensive risk management and a Next Generation Loss Recovery System.
  • Big Forex Players EA: Offers diverse strategies including trading with banks, indicators, and robots, along with risk management tools.

Trade Management Tools

  • FX28 Trader Dashboard: Provides real-time market data, advanced trade analytics, and risk management tools.
  • Risk Reward Ratio Tool: Calculates risk for each transaction, allowing precise estimation of gain and loss.
  • Smart Trading Tool: Features automated lot size calculation, price levels, and market news integration.
  • Layering MT4: Helps in securing accounts by placing trades with equal distances and managing stop loss levels.


  • Exact Time: Displays the opening time of selected candles on seconds charts.
  • Smart Ruler MT5: Measures values on the chart with easy-to-use interface.
  • Exp5 Tester PAD: A free utility for strategy testing, allowing traders to practice and refine their strategies.

Specialized Tools

  • ICT Manual Analyzer Tool: Draws typical ICT Order Blocks, Fair Value Gaps, and other Smart Money Analysis elements with key shortcuts.
  • DR and IDR Indicator: Shows Defining Range and Implied Defining Range on the chart for various sessions.
  • PZ Fibonacci: Automatically displays Fibonacci retracements or extensions, perfect for price confluence studies.

Automated Trading Systems

  • Forex Gump Scalping EA: A fast scalper robot that places up to 1,000 trades per month on four forex pairs.
  • Break Out of Range: Automates range breakout trading strategy with EMA trend filtering and trailing stop loss.


  • Forex tools encompass a wide range of indicators, expert advisors, trade management tools, utilities, and specialized tools.
  • These tools are designed to enhance trading efficiency, accuracy, and profitability, catering to both novice and experienced traders.
  • From automated trading systems to real-time market data and advanced analytics, forex tools provide the necessary edge to navigate the dynamic forex market successfully.