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GMT Offset
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What is GMT Offset?

GMT Offset is a crucial concept in Forex trading, especially when dealing with automated trading systems and Expert Advisors (EAs). It refers to the difference in hours between the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and the local time of your broker's server. This setting ensures that your trading activities are synchronized with the correct market hours, avoiding potential pitfalls due to time discrepancies.

Why is GMT Offset Important?

  • Ensures accurate trading times: Many trading strategies depend on specific market sessions, such as the London or New York sessions. Incorrect GMT Offset settings can lead to trades being executed at the wrong times, affecting performance.
  • Prevents trading during undesirable periods: Some strategies avoid trading during high volatility periods, like major news releases. Correct GMT Offset settings help in adhering to these rules.
  • Synchronizes with broker's server time: Each broker may operate in different time zones. Setting the correct GMT Offset ensures your EA operates in sync with the broker's server time.

How to Determine Your Broker's GMT Offset

  • Check the current time displayed on your MetaTrader Market Watch or the time shown on the current chart symbol.
  • Compare this time with the current GMT time, which can be found on websites like
  • Calculate the difference in hours to determine your broker's GMT Offset.

Setting GMT Offset in Expert Advisors

  • Manual Settings: Manually input the GMT Offset in the EA settings. For example, if your broker uses GMT+2 in winter and GMT+3 in summer, set GMT=2 and enable DST (Daylight Saving Time).
  • Automatic Detection: Some EAs can automatically detect the GMT Offset. Ensure this feature is enabled if available.
  • Adjust for Daylight Saving Time: If your broker adjusts for DST, ensure your EA settings account for this change.

Examples from Trading Systems

  • Antares EA: Requires setting GMT Offset based on the broker's time, with specific instructions for brokers that switch between summer and winter times.
  • Daily Breakout Wizard: Uses GMT+3 by default but allows customization based on the broker's server time.
  • Future Sight: Requires filling in the broker's GMT time zone to ensure accurate performance.

Common Pitfalls and Solutions

  • Incorrect GMT Offset: Double-check the broker's server time and compare it with GMT to avoid errors.
  • Ignoring DST: Ensure your EA settings account for daylight saving changes to maintain accurate trading times.
  • Broker-specific settings: Some brokers may have unique time settings. Always refer to the broker's documentation or support for precise GMT Offset values.


Understanding and correctly setting the GMT Offset is vital for the optimal performance of automated trading systems. It ensures your trades are executed at the right times, adhering to your strategy's rules and market conditions. 🌍⌛